Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running From The Po Po

honestly my life is not that interesting. and when stuff happens... usually i forget about it within the next 5 minutes.
Oh Boy(s)
(im expecting to spell things wrong)
so as little juniors of our dear juab high, me and terr both decided that we wanted to meet some fellas. juab was hosting their annual Winter Classics Wrestleing event thingy and this was our oppertunity. sence we are old and have a car we decided that we wanted to go pretend that we are not from Juab and ask people where the high school was.
Out by Top Stop (in that area where the trucks park) was our first victoms
3 boys walking. the 1 in the middle obviously had a injury so the other 2 were helping him along.
me speaking " hey sorry do you guys know where the high school is? we're not from here and we are kinda lost."
boy#1 "um yeah you get on the exit and get off at wendys.....(continues)"
he is trying to show off and act all smart but little does he know that it wasn't turning us on any.
"oh ok thanks" and we start to drive away....
"Wait!! can you give my friend a ride to super 8?"
i look over at terrika and then in her back seat and notice all 29backpacks and jackets and papers. then 2 seconds later all that stuff ended up on me.
Injured boy gets in the car while the other 2 walk. who knows why?
We try and make small talk...
"so whats your name?"
"where you from?"
"what happened?"........... WORST QUESTION TO ASK A WRESTLER!!!
they will tell you straight up. must i go on? i think not
so we drop him off. i look down at my hoody and it turns out that i was wearing my "Juab Football" all along.. i took off my hoody in the freezing cold while its snowing on the other side of the glass. end of story
we decide we would do the same thing at wendys. it didnt occurr to me until just now that they probably thought we were morons because the high school is like 4 blocks from there.
but anyway we got to wendys and wasnt having any luck there so we decided to go across the street to arbys. we park and i get out of the car. shut my door and hear.."NO DONT SHUT YOUR DOOR!!"
well we locked the keys in the car.
we walk into arbys and stand by the door looking for anyone who looks like they could help us.
we got desprite so we just started saying "pssstt!! hey! hey you!" they look "do you know how to break into a car?"
one little red head, scared to death says "uh uh no" in that scared shaky voice. "its our car we just locked our keys in it and we arnt from here so we dont know what to do"
Do you know who works at arbys?
... a lot of nephi people.
so terrika calls her dad and we end up calling the police station. keep in mind its snowing and i dont have my jacket on... waiting outside for this cop to show up
he pulls up and reaches for something in the back seat and wala i got myself i cops coat.
nice work shaylee. nice work

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We do what we can!

first of all let me give u a little back ground information about this tale im going to share. if you know my mother at all u will know that she has a deep obsession with these purple laughy taffys. so saturday they went to conoco and got a drink and got 3 laughy taffys (1 for me 1 for tal and 1 for momma) me and talysha hid ours so we could get another one when they went for their "sunday drive" to conoco. so before they decided that thats where they wanted to go on sunday my dad got a little upset because he wanted to go around the loop but no one else wanted to so he was in his cave out back and mom went out to comfort him... my moms plan was to take her laughy taffy from saturday and eat it on the way over to conoco so she can get another one. mom and dad wasnt to thrilled of the idea of taking the princess daughters so we had to stay home... lucky for us we got our revenge!
we stole this out of the car and taped it to the window with a note that said.. "bring us candy or u will never see this again!!" with the door locked obviously.
we hid under the window with our secret camera and took some pictures of her reading this. we soon found out that this evil smile of hers was because she thought the note said "bring us candy or u will never see us again!!"
but she soon realized what it really said.. dont we feel loved?
needless to say she found the camera
all of the sudden she didnt want to joke about her baby laughy taffy! she got all uptight and mean about it.
she wasnt too happy with us. but honestly all we could do was laugh. at this point i was on the ground rolling because i was laughing so hard.

as they pulled out of the garage, we decided that our fun just wasnt over yet. we took the taffy off of the house door and put it on the car door and watched them drive about 5 feet with it on the car and then took it off because mom and dad said "its not funny. im not laughing" but we sure was. i hope that when i have children i can find humor in their stupid games. love ya mom :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ultimatly Confused!! and Girlies Camp

i have no idea how to run this little blog website thingy. so that is my excuse for not updating. i recently got rid of facebook and was thinking about excommunicating this stupid thing too! my problem is that i dont know how to run it and i dont really care to figure it out. some would say that i have a very short attention span... yet that may be true because when i get on to update i find myself looking up hot tv stars on google or something. i get sort of... destracted.
Girls camp was awesome. i now have a greater appreciation (not sure how to spell that. again i have a spelling i q of about a 4 year old.) for Miss Donna Lou Street. she is amazing and she does so much for all the girls.
Beehives... oh the beehives. never thought that i would have enjoy them much but i did. they are all so funny. ( this is not all of them actually its only like 2 ha but to me they are all behives)
Terrika Ella Darth Veater. my friend, my partner in crime, my confodont! (i dont know what that is but Allie says it) i am very glad that she is in our ward now. im glad that we both got to go to girls camp and that we had a good ol time.
i loved being able to go with my sister and my mom. i am very greatful to have such a good family.
that went smooth... well done shaylee!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Captains and Cruise Ships

i changed it around a bit to fit my story...

i am stuck in mona
through the week and can't get away
and your alone on the pier
in West Palm Beach on your birthday
stormy night, reawake
the stomach ache that ive acquired
from feeling down, things look grim
and im so sick of being tired
house lights go dark
and its depressing but what can i do?
the midnight streets feel dead
when i am so used to driving with you
brighter lights fill the night and
bluer skys reflect in your eyes
as i inspect and analyze
all of these dreams i dont recognize
if you're still up when the ships
in the port prepare to set sail
comb the beach and put those blue flowers up in your ponytail
inside my head you're voice is still resounding but what can i do?
empty rooms feel cold when i am so used to being with you
count the stars, watch the waves absorb the summer sun
and think of me
when you explore hidden coves and tiny island chains throughout the sea
can you still, hear my voice, when im outside from over the phone
for what its worth, darling dear, i wish you were here cause i feel alone
when you were home we'd sing but since you've left i dont hear anything
though i feel so sad, i cant believe thinks are really that bad
old captains and brand new cruise ships
sailing over the briney sea
when i crashed my beloved desk job
and swim through the depris
ill cut loose leave this mad house all for the atlantic blue
all stroll down your treelined drveway, and sail the ocean with you.
that went pretty well if i do say so my self. look it up its good but funny kinda. and i am having some stress moving the pictures around for some reason so just imagine

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Forgive Me Shaylee

ok so tuesday night i was texting my sister and telling her that i was hungry (because my mother went to young womans and was going to bring me back some pancakes. so i had not eatin). and she said "well thats to bad" being all rude and what not. and so i said please stop being so mean to me and she said "nope :)". so then i told her that i was going to start being mean to her to see how she likes the hurtful feelings that gathers inside. she said "thats fine with me". and thats exactly what i did. i stopped texting her for like a half hour and she said "why are you egnoring me?" i said because im being mean remember? she appoligized but i needed to know that she was really sorry for what she had done so i told her that she needed to make up a song and perform it in person for me and if she fails to write the wong then i would have a back up song. so here it is. i hope you like it (just imagine the tune)
Shaylee, you know you are a girls best friend.
your more than just a passing trend.
your like a treat from the candy store.
OH Shaylee, i love you more than icecream cakes
i love you more than bugs and snakes
i love you more than all things mentioned before.

OH Shaylee! your extraordinary
your kinda short and hairy
the color of a strawberry
yes Shaylee!...

So forgive me shaylee, forgive me Shaylee

OH Shaylee, i think its kinda scary.
i cant see you anywhere-y
it feels me with despair-y?
OH Shaylee Im allergic the dairy
im gonna move to the prairie
and change my name to Larry!

So forgive me shaylee, forgive me Shaylee
forgive. (x2)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chilling at BYU

Well resently we have had the wonderful oppertunity to attend the BYU game against AMA (if u dont know what that stands for its Air Force Acadamy) but anywho we had a great time as u can see by the look on my face.... just kidding it really was fun. and i got to see my new love Max Hall of which i was not aware that he was married already but oh well right?
im not sure the final score but it was a rigged game! they took 2 touchdowns away from us. thats a lot i think but who knows cuz i dont really understand football all that much. :)

Awe mom!!! your so pretty and cheesy haha

That lady behind me looks a little confused haha.

i have my dads "squinty eyes"!!! WAHOO

"Awe so cute" (allie) i thought she was doing something crazy so i wanted to be different but then she really smiled good.
as u can see i dont know how to run this blog thing so u will just have to look through them to see what im talking about

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passenger Seat-Stephen Speaks

I look at him and have to smile
As we go driving for a while
Looking nowhere in the open window of my car.
And as we go the traffic lights
Watch them glimmer in his eyes
In the darkness of the evening.

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that he's inches from me
We stop to get something to drink
My mind pounds and I can't think
Scared to death to say I love him
Then a moon peeks from the clouds
Hear my heart that beats so loud
Try to tell him simply
That I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that he's inches from me

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
We can all learn a very valuable lesson in this... please do not place a hot man in the same car as me when im in control of the wheel.
and this is just a song, i have never rode with anyone in the car except for my mother/father/talysha :). so i did not right this haha.