Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running From The Po Po

honestly my life is not that interesting. and when stuff happens... usually i forget about it within the next 5 minutes.
Oh Boy(s)
(im expecting to spell things wrong)
so as little juniors of our dear juab high, me and terr both decided that we wanted to meet some fellas. juab was hosting their annual Winter Classics Wrestleing event thingy and this was our oppertunity. sence we are old and have a car we decided that we wanted to go pretend that we are not from Juab and ask people where the high school was.
Out by Top Stop (in that area where the trucks park) was our first victoms
3 boys walking. the 1 in the middle obviously had a injury so the other 2 were helping him along.
me speaking " hey sorry do you guys know where the high school is? we're not from here and we are kinda lost."
boy#1 "um yeah you get on the exit and get off at wendys.....(continues)"
he is trying to show off and act all smart but little does he know that it wasn't turning us on any.
"oh ok thanks" and we start to drive away....
"Wait!! can you give my friend a ride to super 8?"
i look over at terrika and then in her back seat and notice all 29backpacks and jackets and papers. then 2 seconds later all that stuff ended up on me.
Injured boy gets in the car while the other 2 walk. who knows why?
We try and make small talk...
"so whats your name?"
"where you from?"
"what happened?"........... WORST QUESTION TO ASK A WRESTLER!!!
they will tell you straight up. must i go on? i think not
so we drop him off. i look down at my hoody and it turns out that i was wearing my "Juab Football" all along.. i took off my hoody in the freezing cold while its snowing on the other side of the glass. end of story
we decide we would do the same thing at wendys. it didnt occurr to me until just now that they probably thought we were morons because the high school is like 4 blocks from there.
but anyway we got to wendys and wasnt having any luck there so we decided to go across the street to arbys. we park and i get out of the car. shut my door and hear.."NO DONT SHUT YOUR DOOR!!"
well we locked the keys in the car.
we walk into arbys and stand by the door looking for anyone who looks like they could help us.
we got desprite so we just started saying "pssstt!! hey! hey you!" they look "do you know how to break into a car?"
one little red head, scared to death says "uh uh no" in that scared shaky voice. "its our car we just locked our keys in it and we arnt from here so we dont know what to do"
Do you know who works at arbys?
... a lot of nephi people.
so terrika calls her dad and we end up calling the police station. keep in mind its snowing and i dont have my jacket on... waiting outside for this cop to show up
he pulls up and reaches for something in the back seat and wala i got myself i cops coat.
nice work shaylee. nice work

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